Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating with Clean Energy

Solar pool heating is a modern solution to keep your pool warm all year long. Solar pool heating warms your pool using the heat created from the sun – no matter the outside temperature. This type of system is a wonderful alternative to traditional pool heating. At Terra Nova Solar, we are happy to answer your questions about solar pool heating in Queen Creek, AZ. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Harnessing the Sun

This type of pool heating uses the sun’s energy to your advantage. The sun’s rays heat the water in your pool gradually through a series of small tubes. These tubes run your pool water through a filter, and then through the solar panels, which can be placed in your yard, roof, or other sun-exposed area.

As water passes through the solar collector, it is heated, and then pumped back into your pool. Your heater continues this process throughout the day, filtering the water and warming it naturally.

Long-term Savings

Solar pool heating can save you thousands of dollars in a period of just a few years. Traditional pool heating methods, including electric heat pumps and gas, require energy to pump water and to heat it. Solar pool heating uses a natural heating source – the sun – that is completely free.

A Modern Solution for Pool Heating

There are a few things to consider when exploring solar pool heating systems in Queen Creek, AZ. A representative from Terra Nova Solar is standing by to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with you.

It is important that you pick the right size and placement of solar heating system for the size and shape of your pool. You will also need to consider the weather in your area to ensure you will receive enough sunlight to light your pool. Our experts can help recommend the best solution for your needs.

Complete the form on this page to contact a member of the Terra Nova Solar team. We can help you explore your options in solar pool heating in Queen Creek, AZ, so you can start enjoying fun in the sun.

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